Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mama cat needing a paw.

The cat that MH has been feeding for awhile had her two kittens yesterday.  He's been putting on facebook and checking local fosters to try and find someone to take them in (Apparently its going to get down in the 40s the next three days).  So far no luck but considering he's already taken our heating pad downstairs to put in their box, I think he's making plans just in case.  Speaking of them..  This is the mama and near her hind leg you can see her two kittens (One is white with grey spots, the other is black and white).

If you know anyone in the DFW area that can foster or take her and her kittens in, can you leave a comment or email us?  Thanks!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Alley Oop!

The grey blur from top left to top right is Baby Grey doing a flyby.  She's my horizontal leaper, and Boo is the vertical leaper.  Our downstairs neighbor hears them playing when MH goes to work, and thought at first someone had broken in.