Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Virago and family update

Virago is doing well and getting around (and mauling her sibs) quite well.  Only time she seems to get irritated is when she can't get up on the bed or climb something (She can't get good traction with only one front paw).  Once her sibs are weaned and ready we're going to go with adoptions, Virago will be staying here unless someone special comes in for her.  Kinda possessive of the little stinker aren't we?

Here's a good view of her right leg so you can see where they had to amputate.

 Little Virago in her towel while we waited at the vets for her checkup.  She looks so thoughtful.

Virago is on the left, as you can see she is using her right leg more as a prob when she eats or such.

And I was worried when the kits came in that Mystery wouldn't do well with other cats