Monday, October 11, 2010

Meezer Monday?

Back in September of 2006, I came home from work (on a Monday morning) and saw a young cat meowing on the breezeway of my apartment.  He looked in good shape so I took him inside and gave him some of my roast beef sandwich and some milk, then since he looked to belong with someone I took him back outside.  About a hour or so ago I heard him yowling outside and went to check on him.  It had been raining all weekend and I found him curled up in a plant trying to stay dry and singing about how he wanted a home.  Who could resist this cute face? 

After making a stop at Petsmart with him to get the basics, we settled in and have been together every since.  To this day I'm still glad I took Mystery in.

Myst:  I'm glad to.  Oh!  He found out that my former family moved out the Friday before he found me, they just left me outside and drove away.  I much prefer being with MH though (Don't tell him that though)


  1. I sure am glad you were able to find the best place, what you had to go through was rough but well worth it!

  2. They just left you? That's hard...

  3. Oh, we just noticed that yer Bein is "MH". We are guessing that is "Mystery's Human". That's a cool name (An if we guessed wrong, then ya can esplain what it really is to us).

    We loved the story of how ya both met...

    Happy again ta meet ya...

  4. Yah.. He doesn't like it to much so far... But We're still looking for a name we both like. Long as he doesn't refer to me as cutey kitty we're ok.. maybe..

  5. Hi Mystery, it's nice to read about your story - and especially it's happy ending.
    Siena & Chilli