Monday, July 18, 2011

A Monday that doesn't feel like a monday!!

MH:  To set the stage.  Where I work at has had alot of stray (I won't use the word feral since I've got to pet a few of the cats) cats living under one of the trailers on property.  Needless to say kitten season came along and the numbers started climbing. 
Well.... the company first hired a guy to catch the cats, but this guy messed up and put out the cages without any water in or even near the cage (We live in Texas and the temps have been in the 100s for awhile now), needless to say this was bad and it was pointed out so that guy got fired (Listens for all the kitten cheers).
One of the ladies there has been feeding and watering the cats for months now and their used to her, so when the company hired another person to get rid of them.  We kinda.. uh.. well.. he only caught two.  As of 6am this morning, 9 kittens have been caught by the lady and are on their way to get socialized if possible.  The main agreement we had was they would all have homes, even if it was barns.

So needless to say, this Monday doesn't feel like a Monday.  (Oh!  The cat they thought was feral.. isn't!  He curled up in her arms and purred his head off).


  1. Ya for the lady! It doesn't take much to be kind to feral kitties, but it it is hard to find Beins ta d that. Yay ta her!

  2. I got to talk to her last night at work. The grey cat (That was ear cropped and everyone thought was feral?) She said he curled up on the cat tree and has been purring and wanting scritches every since she got him home.