Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We're still here

Its been a busy few weeks.  But we're finally getting back into things.  MH thought you might like some of the pictures he's taken recently (Cell-phone but not to bad)

Mmmm.. He left me the bacon crumblies from the pizza (Not to mention I got some of the chicken)

Everyone needs a place to rest their chin (Its soooo warm under the desk I can't resist falling asleep)

This is as close as one of the strays at work will let MH..  But he has his laser pointer with him so they play a few times a week and a lady there keeps them fed.


  1. We keep hearin about this "bacon" stuff, but we have never got anny! Apparently it is like concentrated ham? It sounds great...

    Can we, like, order some from Petco, or do ya need ta know a "friend"?

  2. I get some when MH orders pizza (He likes chicken and bacon pizza). Kinda wish he would get more bacon, its purrrrfect.

  3. Purrs I love bacon!! That is one of my favorites too!
    about last pic- My human mommy says all the time I am super sweet especially for my life starting as rough as it did. I love my human mommy now. I hope that kitty comes around.