Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kitten Puddle!

This is the little ones this morning (MH Was moving them from one kitty cube to another so he could clean the first one up).  The little grey one is quite loud, especially when breakfast is delayed.

All four seem to be eating well, and they don't mind and Mom doesn't mind when I pick them up and pet them for a few minutes.  Mystery is actually guarding them when Mom is eating and such, so everything seems to be going well.  We're going to start kitten proofing the apartment Saturday (If they give us that long)


  1. Give them good attention Mystery! One or more might be a fursibling soon.

    BTW, are you aware you have Word Verification turned on? Its really hard to deal with.

  2. It is? Didn't know that.. We'll fix it.

  3. Should be fixed. Actually, we're planning on letting one of the little ones stay with us. One of our friends is ready to adopt one of the little girls, MH's sister will be adopting at least one (if not the two white and black darlin's) of the little ones.