Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another step forward

I think MH is up to something.  He came in this morning and got a big cup full of the food I won't eat, then took it outside.  When he came back the cup was empty but he was whistling. 

MH:  I saw a small stray kitten when I came home and she was meowing up a storm.  So I gave her some of Myst's food and set there petting her.  She wouldn't let me pick her up or follow me upstairs... yet.  I'm hoping I can get her inside.  From what the Management of our apartments say, her owners were the ones living on the third floor.  Apparently they moved out and left her.  So if I can catch her Myst might get a sister, or worse case we'll find her a home with a friend.  Cross your fingers folks this ones not going to be a easy one.

1 comment:

  1. Um, Mystery, prepare to share yer house with a new kitty...