Thursday, June 2, 2011

Anyone have a big stick we can use?

MH found out who the little black kit/cat lives.

Its the people upstairs from us.  They let her out at night and let her back in sometime in the morning after I get home.  I offered to take care of her instead of them letting her out (Since we live next to a major highway) but they wouldn't take us up on the offer.  They do take care of her at least, she's small but well fed and her coats shiny.  So I made up our patio with a place to sleep and food and water so she has a place to stay til they let her back in.  (I hope she's been spayed or it could get bad).


  1. You are very good to help out like that !!!

  2. She's a sweety. She loved chin scritches.. so we keep a eye out for her. That and have been putting some food out at night for her.

  3. Anny idea why the Beins put her out at night? It seems strange. We mean WE sleep all through the night and dont (hardly) disturb TBT. An that highway sounds dangerous!

  4. That's awful! I don't know why people put their cats out at night. They wouldn't put their dogs out, I bet. Don't they realise that cats love the warm more than anyone?! Grrr....
    It's lovely that you've given her a nice cosy spot though :) I do hope kittens don't follow!