Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sorry so long between updates

We're back!  MH has been busy lately with his work, the flu and trying to find homes for a few of our outdoor friends.

First!  A update on our christmas surprise.  There were two!  not one kitten.  So here they are!

 This is the little girl (Mama hid her well, it took MH two days to find her.).
 She seems to love sleeping on the body pillow we keep against the wall.
 And this is the little boy (Floofy longhair) cuddled up with Princess.
Tabby is wondering why the kittens keep laying on her!

Everyones healthy and happy.  The little girl has a family wanting to adopt her so once we can get the dates together she'll be going to the teenage daughter.

Everyone else is taking it easy and kicked back. 


  1. Yay ! You guys are back !
    And those extra two are cute. !!!
    Have a wonderful time : )