Thursday, April 18, 2013


I came home from work yesterday morning to find Virago had somehow lost her right paw (We're thinking it was due to tissue death or infection) so I rushed her to the vet one of the local rescues recommended.  Not only were they able to fix her up (Unfortunately she had to have a partial amputation (just below the elbow)) and she's doing well.  Is nursing and sleeping well, mama welcomed her home and started cleaning virago and letting her nurse.).

Best part is one of the Doctor's nurses wants to adopt Virago!  So she has a home waiting for her once she's weaned from Mama.


  1. how mysterious.. and fortuitous.. Not sure if I should send Virago condolences or congratulations.. so I will send both.

  2. Our Purrs Of Healing to Vigaro! What a sad shock!