Sunday, June 9, 2013

And yet more

Last Tuesday morning I found two of the cats I had adopted to a lady downstairs on her patio, and none of her stuff was there.  I checked and found out she had moved out so I brought the sisters back home (They went nuts when I got them home checking everyone and you could tell they felt safe again) and they settled in tuesday morning.  When I woke up tuesday afternoon to get ready for work I found out that Bina (Short for Tabitha) was giving birth to what ended up being five kittens.  One kitten didn't survive unfortunately.  But the other four (Pure white, 2 grey with white socks and a black with white socks) were doing well and Bina finally settled down and stopped moving them around (We made her a safe spot under the bed).


  1. That "lady" should be reported for animal cruelty. Abandoning kittens outdoors is just cruel! She could have at least told you she couldn't keep them where she was moving to.

    BTW, we hope Tabitha gets spayed soon...

  2. She will be. Her, her sister and all the the kits are getting fixed.