Monday, August 26, 2013

Catch up time

Ok.. Its been awhile since we've been around so here we go.

They were tearing a building down at the place MH goes to work, he went out and did a walk thru before they started and found four kittens in there!  They hissed and bit at him but he caught them and got them to a friend (Couldn't bring them here, we're full to overflowing) who is trying to socialize them.  We'll keep you informed as things go (Oh!  Three orange kits and a tortie by the way).

MH managed to catch Virago's mom (She was a outdoor cat that we think someone left behind) and she's adapted well to being inside.  The only problem is she had a litter of six kittens a few weeks ago and we're having problems finding homes for the older kittens.  The good news is we've managed to get thirteen kittens/juveniles adopted so far. 

Other than that everythings going well.  MH is making sure we all stay healthy, get plenty of food and water.  We'll try and get some pictures posted soon as he can get the time to download them from his phone.

For now we leave you with a picture of Myst and Baby Boo sleeping comfortably.

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