Tuesday, September 1, 2015

And we're back!

Sorry we've been incognito for so long.  MH's mom had some medical problems and we moved up to help her out.  Its kinda neat here, once I got used to the idea that I could go outside (Love laying on the back porch in the sun, we couldn't do that in the old place.).  When we moved we got with a few of the rescues in the area and managed to bring 25 cats and kittens from a kill shelter area to a no-kill area (Dont think they liked the trip much, but a friend of MHs stayed in the back with them).

Virago stayed with us until the doorknob kittens (The five siamese someone left hanging on our doorknob in a plastic sack and towel in 30 degree weather, only three survived unfortunately) were old enough.  Then she and two of the kittens went to live with MH's sister.  The runt (Sorry Bit) stayed with us and was named Bitty (Since he was a little bit and slept curled in MH's hand when he was little). 

As you can tell we get along well and are doing great.  We'll post some more later once we get some more time.

Myst, Bit and MH

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  1. I am assuming the mom is feeling better hence the post, and with that assumption I'm glad to assume ;) Welcome back