Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bad MH,... But good being bad..

MH saw a police officer outside this morning when he got home.  Apparently animal control was on the back side of the building and they were trying to catch Kit.  MH might not think much of people, but he love cats..  So needless to say Kit is safe, the police office is mad, and the animal control guy learned some new words.

MH:  It was all good til the cop said, "Its ok.. Its just a cat"  My response could have been more political (Like thats going to happen).  "Its ok.. Your just a idiot" might not have been the best thing to say.. But it got the desired result.  They left without kit, I got cussed at, and animal control refuses to come back.

The guy with the net was using words I was told never to peat, so I won't.  But I did laugh alot. 


  1. Does that mean you got Kit inside? Or that Kit was outside but they just couldnt catch it?

  2. Uh.. well.. Kinda. MH managed to keep her hidden by putting her on our patio (2nd floor) so they couldn't see her. Then once they left he took her back to her owner and they said they would keep her indoor more. Their finally realizing how dangerous it is outside for her.