Monday, June 6, 2011

Meet Kit

Finally managed to get some pictures of Kit this morning.  Even included one so you can get a size reference (The plate and red cup)

 Yes.., She is that tiny.  And yes.. We're not to happy to find out their letting her out for longer and longer periods.  I tried taking her into the apartment to drink some water and eat, buy Myst doesnt take well to visitors (Person or animal).  Wish we had another room I could put her in to acclimatize them both, I finally got her to drink the water and eat the food I put out (she musta been starvin she cleaned the plate).  And yes, she has fire.  She hissed at Myst and he's quite a deal bigger than she is (Picture 15lbs at the last weigh in).


  1. Poor sweetie, glad you are looking out for her!!!

  2. Oh, I really get upset when people let their cats out... especially since you mentioned that it is so close to a highway! I'm glad that you're doing what you can for her.

  3. So far she'll let me hold her, but shows no interest at going inside. I'm hoping that will change. Main thing right now is keeping her fed and watered, because I cant be sure her "Staff" is even bothering. Going to check a few people and see if they would take her in or maybe have a friend who will. We're in Texas and its going to be in the 100s.

  4. Cool !, She trust you now !
    and it's nice of you to do care about her. I think she know that's why she let you hold her.And good luck to find her home.
    Paws Crossed

  5. We found out she likes chicken.. ALOT.