Friday, June 17, 2011

Kit seems to like her food

Thought we would keep everyone updated on kit.  I only see her every few days (Their getting better at keeping her indoors).  But she knows when she sees MH that all she has to do is meow and he'll get her some food and water.

She seems to love her Noms. 
As for us, everythings going well and its the weekend.  I sense alot of sleep in our future.


  1. So, when does she come inside to learn the great inside safe warm world? We can tell ya want her as a sister...

  2. MH: Right now they both have the hissys going. But the plan is to get her used to Myst. We have a very small apartment, so theres no change of a quarantine room. And with myst being so much bigger.. I don't want to take chances.

  3. Nightime is the worst time of day to be outside for a kitty. I hope that the neighbors smarten up a bit or the kitties decide to like each other soon.

  4. We haven't seen her since the 17th. So I hope her family got the idea and is keeping her indoors. We're keeping a eye out for her.